The new GeoS-5 RTK GNSS module, low-cost high precision GNSS solution

We inform you about start of sales of new GeoS-5 RTK GNSS module.
The module provides GNSS position with sub-decimeter accuracy using phase measurements of L1 GPS and L1 GLONASS signals. Integrated GeoStar’s RTK technology introduces the concept of differential positioning of moving GNSS module - "Rover" (GeoS-5 RTK) - with few cm accuracy relative to the fixed GNSS module - "Reference station" (GeoS-5 RTK or data from high-precision network). The Reference station sends RTCM corrections to the Rover via communication link (Wi-Fi, Cellular, UHF Radio) enabling the Rover to output its position relative to the Reference station down to centimeter-level precision. GeoS-5 RTK is ideal for those high precision applications where customer doesn't need to use excess functions of geodetic-class equipment for which he has to pay, such as: Precision Agriculture, UAV, Unmanned vehicles, Machine control, Monitoring systems of geodynamic processes.

More details on the product page.