GeoS-5MH GNSS module

GeoS-5МH is an option of GeoS-5M module with capability to work in high dynamic conditions (velocity up to 1500m/s, acceleration up to 25g). Communication with the module is accomplished through a dual serial interface (DUART) that supports NMEA 0183 v4.10 and GSN binary data protocol. 1PPS output enables the use of the module in precise timing applications. Modules are offered in 14.3x13.7 mm 24-pad LCC package.

14.3x13.7x2.6 mm

Key Features

  • Concurrent processing of 4 GNSS (GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO, QZSS)
  • Standalone and code-differential (RTCM SC104 v2.3) operation modes
  • High dynamics conditions (velocity up to 1500m/s, acceleration up to 25g), for higher limits please contact
  • 1PPS output for precise timing applications
  • Positioning update rate up to 10 Hz
  • Backward compatible with GeoS-3M GNSS module
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