Company Profile

R&D GeoStar Navigation is a dynamic leader in concurrent GNSS products and service. R&D GeoStar Navigation was founded 2009. The Company was created to develop and distribute hardware and software solutions for telematic services market. Main direction of business is release of navigation modules and EVK under trademark GeoS, all navigation modules based on chipsets designed by us. From 2015 we opened new direction of business – custom development of GNSS products, which include design of hardware and software on all levels from ASIC to device. R&D GeoStar Navigation is member of Skolkovo.


  • GNSS navigation chipsets and modules
  • ASIC and device design
  • Location Technology – GNNS/Assisted GNSS/RTK


R&D GeoStar Navigation became a member of Skolkovo
Shipment of 600 000 GNSS modules
Development of the own GPS/GLONASS chipset
Development of the first low-cost concurrent GPS/GLONASS module
Foundation of the company