Using GeoS-5 RTK UHF Evaluation Kit is the simple way to evaluate performance of GeoS-5 RTK  GNSS module. Evaluation Kit includes two units with integrated UHF modems 433 MHz to establish the radio link between Base and Rover. USB interface with power supply capability and compact size make it ideal tool for exploitation in laboratories and outdoor locations.

Key Features

  • Integrated 433 MHz UHF modem
  • Single mini-USB port (2 virtual COM ports)
  • Power supply and data transfer over USB
  • Power On/Off switch and Reset button
  • LEDs to indicates GNSS operation and UHF radio link
  • Compact size 100x78x32 mm

Kit includes

  • 2 units: Base and Rover
  • 2 GNSS antennas with 5m cable
  • 2 UHF antennas 433 MHz
  • 2 USB cables 1m
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