Using GeoS-5M Evaluation Kit is the simple way to evaluate performance of GeoS-5M GNSS module. Built‑in USB interface with power supply capability and compact size make it ideal tool for exploitation in laboratories, time synchronization applications, vehicles and outdoor locations.

Key Features

  • Single mini-USB port (2 virtual COM ports)
  • Power supply and data transfer over USB
  • 1PPS 50Ω output, ready to use in time synchronization applications
  • 12-pin connector for access to GNSS module pins
  • Power On/Off switch and Reset button
  • LEDs to indicates GNSS operation

Kit includes

  • Compact 100x78x32 mm EVK unit
  • GNSS antenna with 5m cable
  • USB cable 1m

EVK options

  • GeoS-5M EVK
    Standard dynamics (up to 515m/s and 4g)
  • GeoS-5MR EVK 
    Full carrier phase measurements output
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